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Fortified Theft Protection covers theft of INVINCIBLE bike and/or INVINCIBLE components.

To be eligible for Fortified Theft Protection, the customer must purchase the plan within 30 days of buying your INVINCIBLE bike.

To complete your Fortified Theft Protection registration, the customer MUST complete his or her Fortified Theft Protection Registration Form. This form will be emailed to the customer within 30 days of the purchase. Should the customer not receive this form within 30 days of purchase, the customer must contact to request the form.

All product replacements are free of charge.

Fortified Theft Protection does NOT apply to all countries. For a list of countries that are eligible for Fortified Theft Protection, click here.

If a customer's bike is covered under our Fortified Theft Protection, the customer's bike is guaranteed in any and all countries that are eligible for the Guarantee.  

Customer pays Shipping and Handling for all replacements. Shipping and Handling prices depend on the product and the country to which it's being shipped.

In order for Guarantee to apply, the INVINCIBLE bike (and/or components) must be locked properly with a Fortified U-Lock during the time of theft. If lock was applied improperly, the Guarantee is voided.  

If the bike is not locked with a Fortified U-lock during the theft, Fortified Theft Protection does not apply, regardless of whether other locks were used.

Fortified Theft Protection solely covers the INVINCIBLE bike for which it is registered. The Guarantee does NOT cover other bicycles. 

The Replacement Guarantee covers Fortified Bicycle proprietary components as well as the bike. It does NOT cover additional components you choose to add (e.g. saddle, lights, etc...).

Fortified Bicycle is NOT responsible for other items that may be stolen in association with the customer's bicycle, even if the customer has Fortified Theft Protection. In other words, if the customer's bike bag is stolen while your bike is locked up, the company is not responsible for replacing your bag or its contents. 

If the customer's bike is stolen and the customer is eligible for a replacement, the customer will receive a new bike featuring all of the Fortified products the customer initially purchased. In other words, if the customer buys a rack and lights during his or her bike purchase, the customer's replacement bike will come with these same products.  

Fortified Theft Protection automatically expires at the end of the purchased plan. After Fortified Theft Protection expires,  the customer's Guarantee is no longer valid.

In order to receive replacement bike or component, the customer must submit a police report. If the customer is unwilling or to submit such a report, Fortified Bicycle reserves the right to reject any replacement requests.

Fortified Bicycle reserves the right to cancel or reject any claims that fall outside of the rules and regulations delineated above. Moreover, Fortified Bicycle reserves the right to take legal action against any customer or individual who attempts to unfairly exploit the Guarantee.