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How Fortified Theft Protection works:

When you buy an INVINCIBLE bike with a Fortified Theft Protection, you receive a a Fortified U-lock and a guarantee that if your bike or any of its components are stolen while locked-up with our U-lock, we'll ship you a replacement within one business day of receiving and vetting your request. 

Process for requesting a replacement:

If your bike (or component) is stolen while locked up:

1. Email us at
2. We help you work with their local authorities to file a basic police report. 
3. With police report in hand, our team works to locate your stolen bike. 
4. If we find your bike (or component) within one business day, we'll return it to you. If we can't find your bike (or component) within one business day, we'll ship you a new one for free. All we ask from customers is to cover shipping and handling.

"Fine Print"

In order to prevent ne'er-do-wells from exploiting Fortified Theft Protection, our lawyers asked us to provide our Terms & Conditions. You can read them here if you like, but here's the layman's version of our rules:   

Fortified Theft Protection covers theft. It does not cover broken bikes or components. 

Fortified Theft Protection covers theft of bikes and/or components while they are locked with a Fortified U-Lock. If bike and/or components are stolen while bike is not locked, Replacement Guarantee does not apply. 

Replacement parts of free of charge. Customers cover shipping and handling. Shipping and handling prices depend on the product and the country that is being shipped to. 

To activate your theft protection, you must register your bike online within 30days at: