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Before we show you the manual...

Should you assemble the bike yourself?

Yes! Assembling the Invincible bike yourself is the best way to get to know how it works so that you can maintain the bike and its accessories. Our instructional manual will guide you through a series of easy steps and a safety check at the end. This does not guarantee that you have safely and correctly assembled your bike.

However: if you agree to assemble the bike yourself, you are responsible for your own safety. If you're not confident, you can have a bike shop assemble your bike or use a service like Amazon Bike Assembly.

Assumption of liability

Fortified Bicycle Inc. does not assume any liability from death or injury that may occur from improper assembly. If you are unsure or believe that your bike could be assembled or operating incorrectly, we recommend taking your bike to a professional bicycle mechanic for a safety check. By opting to assemble the bike yourself and clicking the button below, you indemnify Fortified Bicycle Inc. of any liability associated with improper assembly or use of this product.