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Axiom journey Rack Instalation

1. Remove all packaging

Remove packaging from rack.

Identify components of rack.  You should have:


2 rack bolts

-6 ml Allen wrench

-Custom Allen wrench

2. Install rack on lower frame

Place the rack over the lower eyelets, near the rear axle, with the stays facing forward.

Put one of the bolts through the eyelet of the rack and then align with the hole in the frame.

Manually thread in the bolt as far as you can with your fingers.

Use an allen wrench to loosely attach the bolt in the lower eyelet. 

Repeat on the other side.

3. Install rack on upper frame

Remove the upper frame bolts (under the seat post) with the Fortified Security Key.

Place the bolts in your bowl so you don't lose them. 

Loosen the rack bolt and position the rack by making sure it is level and parallel with the floor. 

Move the stays so the hole on the end matches with the upper frame eyelets. 

Put a bolt through the upper eyelet and hand tighten into the frame on both sides of the bike.

Use a Fortified Security Key to tighten the upper bolts on both sides of the rack.

Do the same for the other side

Make sure the rack is parallel to the floor and then fully tighten the stay bolts.