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Front Brake Set-Up


1. Connecting your front brake cable

Fully depress brake caliper with your hand by pushing on brake pads. This centers the caliper arms.

Place ferrule located at the end of the cable housing fully into brake lever.

Route cable through top of brake caliper.

Place ferrule into top of brake caliper.

Loosen cable clamp with an Allen Key.

Route cable through cable clamp. Hand tighten cable clamp.

Make sure quick release is all the way open and tighten cable clamp.

Close quick-release on brake caliper to engage brake.

2. Trim the excess brake cable and add a cable tip

NOTE: This video portrays a disc brake cable being adjusted. Please apply these instructions to your 1Speed front brake cable.

Using your pliers, cut the excess brake cable to leave only about 2 inches of cable. 

CAUTION: This step may require you press hard on your pliers and might require multiple cuts. Be careful not to twist the wire as you do this because it might fray at the end, making it harder for you to add a cable tip.
TIP: Cut the cable close to the center of the pliers, at the base of the cutting edges to increase your leverage.

Add a cable tip at the end of the cable, and crimp it down with your pliers to secure it around the end of the cable

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