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Front Wheel

1. Position the bike upside down

Flip the bike upside down so it is balancing on the seat and the handlebars.

Fortified Serial Number

2. Find your serial number! Register your bike!

Locate the serial number on the underside of the bottom bracket.

If you have purchased Fortified Theft Protection, registering activates your membership and enables us search for your stolen bike and ship you a replacement bike.

If you have not purchased Fortified Theft Protection, we'll still search for your stolen bike if you register.

3. Attach the Front Wheel

Remove disposable plastic fork spacer.

Unscrew the locking nuts and remove from front wheel. Set aside in bowl. 

Place the front wheel axle into the fork.

Ensure that the wheel is fully inserted into the bottom of the fork (the dropouts).

NOTE: The following videos in this section show installation on an 8Speed. Please ignore the disc brakes and apply the instructions to your 1Speed!

4. Hand tighten the locking nuts on both sides of the wheel

Hand tighten the locking nuts, turning them clockwise until the inner part stops rotating and the outer part continues to rotate freely.

5. Align both locking nuts with the interior cutouts

Rotate the outer layer of the locking nuts so that the cutouts align.




6. Start to tighten the locking nut with the locking nut key on both sides

Place the wheel locking key in alignment with the cutouts.

Twist the locking nut key clockwise with your hand until snug.

Make sure to tighten both sides.


7. Use 6mm Allen Key with locking nut key to achieve final tightness

Place 6mm allen key into opening of the wheel locking key.

Use Allen Key to rotate locking nut key to complete tightness.

For safety, you need to apply quite a bit of torque to ensure the Delta KnoxNut wheel locks are tight enough. 



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