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1. Straighten out the bike for assembly

Loosen top bolt.

Twist the handlebar stem so that it faces forward.

Straighten fork so that the brake caliper is facing forward on the front side of the fork.

Tighten top bolt.

2. Remove the faceplate

Find the four bolts at the end of the handlebar stem.

Use the Fortified Security Key to unscrew the bolts.

Set bolts and washers in the bowl for safe keeping after you remove them.


Rear Brake Cable

Rear Brake Cable

Front Brake Cable (disconnected from caliper)

Front Brake Cable (disconnected from caliper)

3. Check cabling

Pull your handlebars out from the bike.

Refer to the still images with highlighted cables and levers on the left to ensure accurate routing of rear brake cable. 

The front brake cable will not be attached to the brake caliper. Leave this cable how it is for now. We will set this up in a later step.

4. Attach the faceplate and handlebars

Pull handlebars up and onto the stem.

Ensure brake levers are facing forward. Ensure the ridged area of the handlebars is centered under the faceplate.

Place the faceplate over the handlebars and line up thread holes of the faceplate over corresponding holes on the stem body.

NOTE: We encourage you to hand tighten the bolts until the threads catch to avoid cross-threading, which will damage your product.

Use your fingers to insert and hand tighten the four bolts in a cross pattern.

5. Check Handlebar Alignment

Align the handlebars side to side so the ridged area is centered under the opening of the faceplate and the brake levers are at approximately a 45º angle (+/- 10º) facing downwards.

6. Secure the Handlebars

Slowly tighten the bolts using the Fortified Security Key.

Screw in each bolt a turn at a time in a cross pattern so that they tighten evenly.

Stop when you can no longer turn the bolts with the key.

NOTE: If the spacing between the stem body and faceplate is uneven from bolt to bolt, you will need to re-center your handlebars under the faceplate. Loosen the bolts and try again until spacing appears even when fully tightened.

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